Jane Eyre – Full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical

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This electronic download provides the purchaser with the full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical Jane Eyre.


Gateshead Hall. Jane’s parents are dead and she lives with her cruel aunt and 3 hostile cousins. After a beating she retaliates and is confined to the haunted room.

She accepts to go to boarding school. The owner starves the girls to make a profit. Jane’s friend dies. Jane survives and obtains a post as a governess. She goes to Thornfield Hall to teach.

Jane sings for Mr Rochester, owner of the hall, and begins to fall in love. He eventually declares his love for Jane and proposes marriage.

A visitor intervenes and Rochester is forced to reveal the presence of his mad wife in Thornfield. Jane departs, but after a year returns, hoping to be reunited with Mr Rochester. His wife is now dead and they can get married.

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The full script
The full synopsis, cast, characters and set information

The following song extracts are provided with this download

01: Overture Gateshead Hall
02: I Would Like To Go To School
03: I Found A Think Which Surprises Me
04: Is This A Dream
05: The Prince Of Love
06: I’ve Something Ridiculous To Tell You
07: I Must Hold On To My Principles
08: You Know I Love You

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