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Gateshead Hall. Jane’s parents are dead and she lives with her cruel aunt and three hostile cousins. After a beating she retaliates and is confined to the haunted room.

She accepts to go to boarding school. The owner starves the girls to make a profit. Jane’s friend dies. Jane survives and obtains a post as a governess. She goes to Thornfield Hall to teach.

Jane sings for Mr Rochester, owner of the hall, and begins to fall in love. He eventually declares his love for Jane and proposes marriage.

A visitor intervenes and Rochester is forced to reveal the presence of his mad wife in Thornfield. Jane departs, but after a year returns, hoping to be reunited with Mr Rochester. His wife is now dead and they can finally marry.

More details

Running time 2 hours, including a 20 minute interval
Cast 10 (six adults, four teens / six female, four males).
Three main roles, Jane (12-14) and (18-20), and Mr Rochester.
Characters Jane is played by two singer/actresses.
Sets Act 1
Bare room with alcove, bed, and desks.
Upper class room.
Act 2
Upper class room with alcove.
Other information Full score, piano-vocal, part scores and voices score are all available. Scoring available for up to 7 instruments.
Lyrical-romantic and modern-rhythmic music styles.
There are 12 main songs and ten others, plus musical numbers and short choruses.

Free to download

Seven selected songs are available for free download :

–  Overture / Gateshead Hall / I would like to go to school
–  I found a thing which surprises me / Is this a dream
– I’ve something ridiculous to tell you / You know I love you

These and other extracts from the musical are available for purchase below.

The full script is also available as a PDF download for free :

– Jane Eyre – full script