Arthur and Guinevere

This story is mainly historical and romantic. 500 AD, Arthur is 25. He is made war-leader by the King of the Britons, his mission to halt the advance of the Anglo-Saxons. More ..


The storyline is based on St Patrick’s autobiography, the “Confession”, beginning at Banna, between Hadrian’s Wall and Strathclyde. The plot follows the wonderful events of St Patrick’s life in a realistic manner, devoid of any mythical or magical additions. More ..

Peace in our time

A musical based on Mr & Mrs Churchill’s achievements before and during World War II. The musical shows the great events of his life; but the darker side – the failures, and bouts of depression and domestic sadness are also highlighted. More ..

Jane Eyre

Gateshead Hall. Jane’s parents are dead and she lives with her cruel aunt and three hostile cousins. After a beating she retaliates and is confined to the haunted room. She accepts to go to boarding school. The owner starves the girls to make a profit. Jane’s friend dies. Jane survives and obtains a post as a governess. More ..

21 Songs

21 songs give a flavour of Anthony Birney’s work. All of them are free to download. More ..

Anthony Birney is the former head of Northumbria University Foreign Languages department.  Previously he worked in France and was a Russian translator at the Foreign Office, Cheltenham.  He has written five books, but is mainly  a composer and lyricist.  He has written and composed five musical dramas and a choral work.

Anthony Birney’s musical style is romantic and modern, with a strong dramatic influence, putting him in the musical drama camp.

His music impresses those who like good songs and a dramatic story and are aimed in particular at directors, producers, music theatre groups, youth groups and staff involved in school projects.