Anthony Birney is the former head of Northumbria University Foreign Languages department.  Previously he worked in France and was a Russian translator at the Foreign Office, Cheltenham.  He has written five books, but is mainly  a composer and lyricist.  He has written and composed five musical dramas and a choral work.

Anthony Birney’s work

Anthony Birney’s musical style is romantic and modern, with a strong dramatic influence, putting him in the musical drama camp. His music impresses those who like good songs and a dramatic story and are aimed in particular at directors, producers, music theatre groups and staff involved in school projects.

Anthony Birney has written five musical dramas and a choral work, all of which have been accepted for production by various music theatre companies and schools in both England and France. 9 of Tony’s songs were finalists and semi-finalists in song competitions in the UK and USA, while over 60 of his songs have been, and still are being, broadcast on Heavens Road FM internet radio.

Some comments on the musicals

Regarding ‘Peace in Our Time’

“I am delighted to have your CD.”, Winston S. Churchill, on behalf of the Churchill family

Regarding ‘Jane Eyre’

“Excellent material”, Davy Nougarede, Director of a production company

Regarding ‘Paul’

“It is outstanding in its own field”, North Yorkshire Chorus

“I salute your talent and careful research”, Meriwether Publishing Ltd (USA)

“has great potential to be a powerful piece of Christian theatre…it’s a wonderful script”, RISE theatre

Regarding ‘Patrick’

Three songs were finalists and semi-finalists in song contests in the UK and USA.

Regarding ‘Arthur and Guenevere’

“It is a work of great charm, with some delightful melodic writing”, M Goldring (AD young choirs)

“An engaging piece of work …I found the music appealing”, C Paget (Producer, National Theatre)

“Refreshingly original”, D Jackson, BBC Wales

“Exceptional work” J McCarthy, OBE, Conductor of Ambrosian Chorus

Regarding ‘Pilgrim’

“[Anthony] Birney is a highly gifted and highly prolific composer”, Sir Cliff Richard


Thanks for Tom Cantwell for the assistance with the “Peace” and “Arthur And Guinevere” images