Arthur and Guinevere – Full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical



This electronic download provides the purchaser with the full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts for the Arthur and Guinevere musical.


This story is mainly historical and romantic. 500 AD, Arthur is 25. He is made war-leader by the King of the Britons, his mission to halt the advance of the Anglo-Saxons.

He marries Guenevere, the marriage is unsuccessful, and Lancelot seduces Guenevere. This leads to a division and civil war among the Britons.

Arthur wins against the Anglo-Saxons, but has to fight rebel Britons, and is killed by members of his own side.

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The full script
The full synopsis, cast, characters and set information

The following song extracts are provided with this download

01: Guenevere
02: The spirit of St. George
03: Ave Maria
04: How dreary it Is
05: The splendour falls
06: It little profits that an idle king
07: So all day long
08: O fold your arms

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