Patrick – Full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical

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This electronic download provides the purchaser with the full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts for the Patrick musical.


A youth musical drama about the life of St. Patrick which can also be performed as a concert piece.

The storyline is based on St Patrick’s autobiography, the “Confession”, beginning at Banna, between Hadrian’s Wall and Strathclyde. The plot follows the wonderful events of St Patrick’s life in a realistic manner, devoid of any mythical or magical additions.

Act 1 ­ Patrick is 16 when he is captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escapes to Gaul, trains as a priest and is chosen to head the mission to christianise Ireland.

Act2 ­ Tells the story of his return to Ireland in 431 AD and his conversion of the Irish.

Contents of the download

The following pdfs are provided with this download

The full script
The full synopsis, cast, characters and set information

The following song extracts are provided with this download

01: Slemish Is A Lonely Mountain
02: What Would I Do
03: The Fall Of Rome
04: We Need You, Patrick
05: I Live In Constant Danger
06: The Irish People
07: What A Piece Of Luck, A Strange Fate
08: I Love You, Finale

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