Paul – Full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical

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This electronic download provides the purchaser with the full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts for the Paul musical.


A musical drama on the life of St. Paul, which can also be performed as a concert piece/oratorio.

‘Paul’ has 3 acts:

Act 1 Paul’s early years, his persecution of the Christians, and his conversion to Christianity.

Act 2 His 3 missionary journeys to Galatia, Corinth and Ephesus.


Act 3 His arrest, trial, imprisonment and final execution in Rome.

Contents of the download

The following pdfs are provided with this download

The full script
The full synopsis, cast, characters and set information

The following song extracts are provided with this download

01 Prologue
02 St. Paul
03 Shalom
04 Hold My Coat
05 Away!
06 The Nazarenes
07 Blinding Light
08 Judas The Cobbler
09 Much Have I Travelled
10 On The Road Alone
11 You Are Peter
12 Barnabas, Hail And Farewell
13 The Thieves
14 The Messiah Crucified
15 Lay Your Head
16 Go Home, John Mark!
17 Stephanus
18 You and I
19 To Ephesus
20 We Eat And Drink
21 Great Is Diana
22 Can’t Do Anything Right
23 Fellow Silversmiths
24 Stand Up For Christ
25 You Seem To Cause Trouble
26 Juluis
27 Until Your Accusers
28 I’ve Preached To Philosphers
29 John,Mark, Where Are You
30 Let’s Make Up
31 Putting The World Right
32 Letter To The Corinthians
33 To the Colossians
34 Nothing To Do
35 City On Fire
36 Fear Death
37 Marching Orders
38 Down The Ostian Road

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