Peace in our time – Full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts from the musical



This electronic download provides the purchaser with the full synopsis, cast, characters, sets and extracts for the Peace in our time musical.


A musical based on Mr & Mrs Churchill’s achievements before and during World War II.
The musical contains 3 Acts:
Act 1 – short overture, and Mr Churchill’s early life. It is a time of success and optimism, but it ends with the Dardanelles disaster which almost ends his career.

Act 2 follows without a break. These are the years of failure and opposition, in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Act 3 (after the interval) celebrates his triumph during the war years, 1940-45.

The Acts are snapshots of his career, from success – to failure – to success. Mrs Churchill plays a major role in this.
Solo numbers, duets, unison choruses and spoken dialogues convey his continual struggles to outwit his critics and enemies.
The musical shows the great events of his life; but the darker side – the failures, and bouts of depression and domestic sadness are also highlighted.

Contents of the download

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The full script
The full synopsis, cast, characters and set information

The following song extracts are provided with this download

01 Peace in our time
02 I shall die young
03 Oh! Clementine
04 It’s lovely to be here at the weekend
05 We shall never give in
06 Chartwell
07 Churchill, he was the greatest
08 Finale

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