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A musical drama on the life of St. Paul, which can also be performed as a concert piece/oratorio.

‘Paul’ has 3 acts:

Act 1 Paul’s early years, his persecution of the Christians, and his conversion to Christianity.

Act 2 His 3 missionary journeys to Galatia, Corinth and Ephesus.


Act 3 His arrest, trial, imprisonment and final execution in Rome.

More details

Running time 2 hours when performed as a musical drama
1 hour 40 minutes when performed as a concert piece
Both performances include a 20 minute interval.
Cast 9 (5 male, 4 female). Unison and/or SATB chorus.
  • Paul is presented as a great Christian hero. He is primarily a man of action who undertakes three dangerous missionary journeys to spread the word of Christ. Paul is about 25 in Act 1 and 55 when executed, but he is always strong and vigorous – not an elderly man with a long beard.
  • John Mark is young and romantically inclined.
  • Barnabas and Priscilla are sympathetic figures.
Sets Act 1 – Middle East.
Act 2 – Greece.
Act 3 – Rome.
Eight scenes are indoors and Roman in style.
Eight scenes are outdoors in either the countryside or a town square.
Other information Conductor’s score, piano, vocal and parts scores, and SATB scores are all available. Scoring for up to 8 instruments – piano, flute/oboe, violin, viola, cello, guitar, drums.
Modern rhythmic, lyrical/dramatic style. Full synopsis, cast, characters, and sets also available.
There are 19 main songs and seven others plus short musical numbers.

Free to download

12 selected songs are available for free download :

–  Prologue – St Paul / Shalom / Hold my coat / Away!
– Barnabas / The thieves / Go home John Mark / You and I
– Great is Diana / Stand up for Christ / Fear death / Marching orders

These and other extracts from the musical are available for purchase below

The full script is also available as a PDF download for free :

– Paul – full script