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A musical based on Mr & Mrs Churchill’s achievements before and during World War II.

The musical contains 3 Acts:

Act 1 – short overture, and Mr Churchill’s early life. It is a time of success and optimism, but it ends with the Dardanelles disaster which almost ends his career.

Act 2 follows without a break. These are the years of failure and opposition, in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Act 3 (after the interval) celebrates his triumph during the war years, 1940-45.

The Acts are snapshots of his career, from success – to failure – to success. Mrs Churchill plays a major role in this.
Solo numbers, duets, unison choruses and spoken dialogues convey his continual struggles to outwit his critics and enemies.
The musical shows the great events of his life; but the darker side – the failures, and bouts of depression and domestic sadness are also highlighted.

More details

Running time 2 hours, including a 20 minute interval.
Cast 10 (6 male, 4 female). Informal unison chorus.
Characters Mr Churchill is a young man in Act 1, middle-aged in Act 2, and older in Act 3.
The accent of Churchill is not to be mimicked.
Mr Churchill and his Wife are the predominant characters.
The Critic and informal chorus represent Mr Churchill’s enemies; the main features of the musical are opposing arguments and tuneful songs, involving other World leaders.
Sets All interior – mainly large upper class room, but occasionally changed into a miniature Parliament, a pub and a room in Moscow.
Other information Score for a small band; piano with flute, clarinet and drum indicated in piano – vocal score.
Modern rhythmic style.
Full synopsis, cast, characters and sets also available, as well as score.
There are 11 main songs, nine others, and other short choruses and musical numbers.

Free to download

Six selected songs are available for free download :

–  Peace in our time / I shall die young / It’s lovely to be here at the weekend
– We shall never give in / Chartwell / Finale

These and other extracts from the musical are available for purchase below

The full script is also available as a PDF download for free :

– Peace in our time – full script